How do we feed a planet of 9 billion without destroying the environment?

hydroponic lettuce

We’ve had nouvelle cuisine, molecular gastronomy, farm to table… What’s next?

On a planet faced with growing environmental challenges, the next progressive gastronomic cuisine will need to be science-based, technological, global, and creative and must point the way towards a food system that can scale to feed 9 billion people without destroying the environment.


The Sustainable Gastronomy dinners bring together leading chefs and producers, food writers and researchers, for a fascinating evening of science, technology and gastronomy.

The menu was a collaboration between Ted Nordhaus, the founder of the Breakthrough Institute and a leading global thinker on food, energy, and the environment and Alex Tishman, executive chef at Big City Chefs.


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A truly sustainable gastronomic cuisine will be global, technological, optimistic, and creative. It will honor traditional foodways but reject pastoral nostalgia, value craft and artisanship but also recognize the importance of technology, efficiency, and scale.

The Future of Food 

Learn more about a sustainable future for food and farming through "The Future of Food", a Breakthrough Institute research series examining global food consumption, agriculture, and technological innovation.